Welcome to the Forum/Aspen 2020 Interview Series We are pleased to welcome you to our Forum/Aspen 2020 Interview Series. During the course of the summer, leading scholars and thinkers will be interviewed by journalists and correspondents from major public media organizations on issues shaping the future of higher education and society. The interview series will run for eight weeks, with new interviews being released on Mondays and Thursdays of each week. In building this series, we have tried to strike a balance between scholars/leaders who have visited with us before and those we will be meeting for the first time. We have sought to create an entertaining, knowledge-rich, flexible and easily accessible environment. While not Aspen, we hope to capture some of the new thinking and ideas that have helped to animate Aspen over the years. We very much hope you enjoy this series.

Joel W. Meyerson Director, Forum for the Future of Higher Education

John J. DeGioia President, Georgetown University Chair, Forum Board of Directors